Services provided by Wikipixel

Wikipixel offers an array of services that will assist in the integration and use of our platform. Our platform is Linux based so we can integrate our digital management tools into your content creation system or your portfolio of capabilities with ease.


Wikipixel’s concepts and best practices on how to use and manage the platform.


We can ensure complete end-to-end delivery of customizable solutions, regardless of project size and scope.


Project specific development can be provided by the Wikipixel team. To request a quote call us at 800-282-3615.


In order to maximize the benefits of our software, we have a team of professionals who fully understand Wikipixel’s concepts and best practices to guide you through our user friendly interface.

The training will focus on two levels: the administrator and the user. The administrator creates the criteria under which the users will be able to operate within the system. The administrator determines the level at which each user has access to the platform. This means that the administrator decides which users can create a file, create a searchable database of albums, folders and subfolders. The administrator also determines which activity each user can implement and which files the user can be granted assess. The user will need to be trained in how to use the various features to which they have been granted access. They will need to be trained in how the digital asset management function works with the current business software platform.


Wikipixel product experts can help with technical choices, help build or customize applications, recommend functional solutions, and ensure shared expertise on our Cloud Platform.

Consulting service offerings are available at every stage of a project, to ensure that your application meets your needs.

We help you cut out unnecessary scopes and processes, teach you best methods, and introduce you to the Wikipixel team that will offer you the best price/performance advantages and work with your needs and expectation for your business.

We help you do more with less. Solving your problems. Reducing your risks. Saving you money.


The Wikipixel development team will help in the planning, configuration, programming, implementation, deploying and creating a innovative structure to assist you or your team. Whether you have a new or existing infrastructure our development team will customize to your needs.

We help you save time and money. We are efficient, reliable and trusted.

We want to give you the best experience possible in dealing with such tedious and time consuming work. During the software development, we offer a complete bug analysis and optimization in a string of work to prevent the software from catastrophic failure in your system.

We developed the software; we know its ins and outs. The best part is that you will have the flexibility to customize your innovative creations.

Unsure which plan is best for you? You can call our sales team any day at 800-282-3615.