Wikipixel is highly secure

Wikipixel believes Security comes first. That is why we provide a 24/7/365 security protection for your digital information such as 4K, 3D, CAD, image, picture, audio and document files.

Secure Platform

We prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to personal, sensitive and confidential information. we offer security at all levels this will fit your corporate or individual needs. Let Wikipixel prevent any unwanted intrusion into your cloud or metadata management configuration. With booming Internet buying trends and hacks you need to protect your private details on the web. You will be assured that security with Wikipixel is our primary goal.

Wikipixel uses shared infrastructure to incorporate a manual and systematic approach to technical assessment of a system or application. Our manual assessments perform security vulnerability scans, review applications and operating system access controls and analyzes physical access to the systems. Automated assessments include system generated audit reports or software to monitor and report changes to files and settings on a system. Our Server Administrators work around the clock to protect all your valuable and confidential information.

Data security

Not being able to access vital digital information leaves you with inadequate project management timelines and loss of income. Even a 24 hour loss can be a disaster, and this will not only impact upon revenue streams but can have a major impact on your reputation. Using RAID Wikipixel backs up data on a daily basis so your information will never be lost. Let us store your data in the cloud for secure navigation and information transfers with 24/7/365 protection.

For eliminating any possible Security issues, we simultaneously use antivirus and behavioral detection programs to improve detection rates. Wikipixel performs "retrospective detection", in case of a new threat is identified, a detection engine rescans all files in its file access history. This vastly improves new threat detection speed and it's also a solution for effective virus scanning on devices that lack the computing power to perform the scans themselves..

Server Security

Our servers are fault tolerant and high performance state of the art hardware. Stop wasting bandwidth and space on your network, Wikipixel offers high throughput on our dedicated servers we can optimize our services to fit your needs.

Wikipixel protects your information from unauthorized access. Without exception, we take data security seriously. You have valuable and confidential information stored on our equipment so we make it our job to provide you with the security you need. There are no security compromises. With our network server administrator professionals you will get a high level of support every step of the way with our 24/7/365 protection.

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