User Return On Investment

Wikipixel is a free highly specialized cloud-based multimedia hosting and management for business. If you have multimedia files, then you need Wikipixel!

Companies around the world are using our platform everyday, why?

Because it helps them increase the efficiency of their projects by saving time and money with their multimedia management.

Increase the speed of cash flow

Our combination of mobile apps and project management tools will accelerate the creative process and give you more rapid approvals. This means that your project timelines will accelerate and you get paid faster.

Increase sales

Presentations to prospects are a breeze with Wikipixel. Our mobile capability gives you access to your presentation at any time from anywhere. You will always be ready to close a sale.

Wikipixel will help you grow your business

Making Wikipixel your digital asset management platform increases the speed of your cash flow and opens new avenues for sales presentations with your current staff. These efficiencies will yield results that will benefit your bottom line.

Increase the speed of cash flow

Wikipixel’s administrative tools were developed to speed up the creative process.

Therefore, our features will speed up the brainstorming and the editing process. The result will be more rapid project completion and thereby increasing the cash flow to the business.

Project file sharing will decrease the brainstorming timeline.

Real time commentary will decrease the creating timeline.

Large file distribution will decrease the timeline for the dissemination of the creative product.

Real time editing will shorten the project completion timeline.

Increase sales

Wikipixel has created a cloud based multimedia platform to help you increase your sales.

The tools we developed will increase the effectiveness of your sales presentations by giving you a readily accessible and searchable database of your creative work product. You are able to customize your presentations in real time and even edit a file during a presentation Q&A.

Centralized and Secure cloud based data storage enables you to collaborate and edit files with team members.

Keyword search allows you to quickly access a project file: increasing the speed of project retrieval.

Mobile or iPad tools are great features that will bring flexibility to your need to access a media file for a sales or marketing opportunity. You will never waste an opportunity to make a sales presentation.

Sharing-Laptop or iPad file editing gives you the ability to open a file, share, create a team, solicit commentary, brainstorm in real time from anywhere.

Creating permalinks allows you a flexible and secured capability to disseminate large media files at any marketing opportunity.

Social Media links will up your game in social media by giving you real time posting of media content, stimulate brainstorming, and quickly make changes for your social media presence.

Wikipixel will help you grow your business

Wikipixel is designed with the objective of saving you money.

Our scalable storage capabilities will enable you to create media files without having to worry about how to integrate a new project or what to do with your archived files: giving you the freedom to create and grow your company without the constraints of a myriad of work station storage configurations. Combined with our security protocols and management features, Wikipixel is the obvious media management solution for the worry free expansion of your company.

Keyword search will organize your media files for easy access.

Centralized Data gives you the security of knowing that your media project files are accessible at any time.

The administrative tools we provide you will increase your ability to manage the creative project, track its progress and monetize the effort.

The permalinks you establish will give you the flexibility to exchange very large files without constraints.

Our plug-in feature will give you the multiplatform flexibility for importing and exporting information, edits and feedback.

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