Wikipixel for Windows

  • Wikipixel for Windows
  • Wikipixel for Windows
  • Wikipixel for Windows


Provide instant online access with an easy-to-use interface. Upload & Store your media.

Uploading has never been easier. With our application you may drag and drop single or multiple files into the application which automatically saves the information into your Wikipixel account. You save time and a headache by trying to figure out where to upload. Wikipixel has made it easy for the busybodies.

Wikipixel application only has one button to upload any amount of files you wish. Simply select browse and check inside your computer for digital files or just simply drag and drop them into the application. Our application benefits you with easy access.


  • Price : Included in the Wikipixel Cloud hosted Plans
  • Author : Wikipixel SAS
  • Version : 0.2.0
  • Size : 2.8 MB
  • Requirements : Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or higher