Wikipixel for iPad

  • Wikipixel on an iPad


The Wikipixel app for iPad provides you with instant online access with an easy-to-use interface. Upload, share, organize & store your media right from your device.

Wikipixel’s digital asset management application allows you to upload, share, manage and organize all your digital assets on the go. What's really cool and why we created this application was for business and professionals. You do not have to be in office to manage your clients or users you do not have to be in the office to brainstorm on projects you can do it from anywhere. So feel free kick back and relax and enjoy simplicity.

On the iPad you have the accessibility to use Wikipixel on the go. Upload your digital assets, add keywords and description. Use our search engine to find all your relevant digital assets. You may also add tags to make the search much more relevant for the Wikipixel search engine. Take a picture and share with anyone you wish! You can select multiple files or single files, send to multiple or individual people. Using our different management properties allows you to have easy control over all your assets.


  • Price : Included in the Wikipixel Cloud hosted Plans
  • Author : Wikipixel SAS
  • Version : 1.3
  • Size : 10.8 MB
  • Requirements : iOS 6.0 or higher