Wikipixel provides proprietary cloud software to the business community and non-profit organizations. We also provide services such as Training, Consulting, Assistance and hosting. Therefore, any business can create and manage a digital library on its servers or on Wikipixel cloud servers. Our digital file administrative tools have been designed to organize and track their digital files and our mobile app will give them the flexibility to access, disseminate and discuss a file from anywhere at any time. For more information on our capabilities, take a tour.

Any business or organization can use our platform: Doctors, Lawyers, Realtors, Manufacturing Companies, Advertising Agencies, Videographers, Photographers, Museums, Art Galleries, and companies with multiple offices.

The cloud is a relatively new tool for businesses to reduce their commitment to desktop storage and digital file management. We know that this movement to the cloud and the entry of Google, Amazon and Microsoft into your customer base will put competitive pressure on your existing business model. Wikipixel is a service you can add to your portfolio of services. You can use us to deepen your customer relationships. Our platform for digital images and video will enable you to explore new markets and up sell other services. Finally, you will generate a steady and predictable stream of income.

No, we provide a proprietary software that means you can download, install, deploy and use for an annual license fee. But if you need some Premium Expansion, cloud-hosting services, consulting or training, we are ready to assist you with that.

We do not provide free technical support or training, and you could find help in the Wikipixel Forum and/or the Wikipixel GitHub repository If you need us to install our Software on your servers or train you and your coworkers, we provides paid services.

We do have Ready-to-Go cloud-hosted plans starting at $279/month. (all paid hosting includes technical support). But of course, you can install and use the proprietary Enterprise Edition on your own servers.

It depends of your IT skills. You can give it a try, and if you think you'll need help, you may request some help on the Wikipixel Forum or in the GitHub repository. And keep in mind that we provide Ready-to-Go cloud-hostd plans!

There are no quotas. Our arrangement with you is on a best efforts basis.

It depends upon the partner program you choose. We have two programs available and you can go to the partners page to learn more.

Wikipixel’s Service Level Agreements guarantee that (i) our cloud platform will be available 99,9% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance) and (ii) your data is stored and backed up by a strong state of the art process.

Currently we have editing capability for Photographs. Editing for other media is in development.

Our partner can sell all of produts and services regardless of the partner program you select.

A partner's level of support depends upon the partnership plan they select. In general, our online resources are available to partners or they can contact the Wikipixel support team for help as needed.

All partners would have access to the customer training materials at any time.