Government in the 21st Century

Wikipixel understands that government agencies, whether Federal, State, or Municipal, is confronting the issue of integrating new technologies into hierarchical structures with numerous employees, a multitude of dispersed offices and fragmented storage repositories for digital assets.

Without a centralization of resources, these digital assets are frequently duplicated, dispersed among a number of storage devices and there is a tendency to recreate these assets rather than search for them amongst the dispersed storage devices.

These digital assets include photographs, audio files, video, CAD files and PDFs and they are usually attributed to specific divisions with a government agency. The characteristics of the digital files across office functions be completely different. The digital assets of the geological survey will probably have a strong focus on augmented reality and 3D CAD, whereas the tourism department will have more focus on photographs and video.

The need for a flexible platform within each of these government functions and the capacity to work with a diverse set of digital assets makes Wikipixel the smart choice for a government DAM platform.

Therefore, you will notice that our features are constructed to provide the 5 major benefits of a DAM system:

24/7 Availability of Digital Assets

Wikipixel' DAM will reduce or eliminate many account development activities and tasks:

  • Preparation of presentations to stakeholders
  • Development of RFP for contractors, storage of RFP content
  • Assembly of flyers, ads, research and courses of action
  • Transferring multimedia content to relevant stakeholders
  • Reduced stovepiping

This means that field executives can 'reinvest' time savings into more strategic work: planning, analysis, and face-to-face interactions, or consultations.

Coordination of government information cycle strategy

A government DAM platform for digital media services reduces the time and effort it takes to distribute imaterials, PR and research images, presentations, and trainings to field operations. Research has demonstrated that digital content services can chop five to 15 days off an initiative.

In markets characterized by short information lifecycles, aggressive and sometimes competing avenues of information shortened windows of opportunity, and research partnerships, cycle time improvements of just one or two days translate into enhanced distribution advantages from decreasing time to stakeholders, reduceded reaction times or reputation initiatives.

Activity automation

The Wikipixel platform will give you the capability to automate dozens of activities and tasks that administrators and field operations would have to perform in order to manage or develop their task and reporting goals. These activities and tasks include:

  • Find a presentation
  • Locate and place images into presentations
  • Update an individual slide or page in presentations
  • Acquire images from an agency
  • Localize a Web initiative or ad
  • Acquire royalty-free video footage or archived CAD file

The Wikipixel platform not only automates these and other activities, but we will enable an expansion or development of self-service capabilities for stakeholders at any time of day. With more time available, the stakeholders will have more time to develop analysis, strategies and consolidate alliances.

State of the Art Media content management

Wikipixel will plug you into the complex and rapidly evolving media creation and management technologies:

  • Imaging servers
  • Multi-format playout servers
  • Search engines
  • Specialized databases
  • Video ingest tools

It is a well known fact that media technology evolves faster than the government IT can integrate these highly specialized technologies. For this reason, it is imperative that government media assets are structured for outsourcing this technology whenever possible. By outsourcing a digital management platform the government will benefit from a rapid integration of state of the art technology and disperses the costs of adopting these technologies among participants and buyers.


The activities that Wikipixel will automate for you will save days gained in time to objective, improved relations with field operations and stakeholders.

Let's begin the conversation. Contact us at info@wikipixel.com or call us at 800-282-3615