As you can see Wikipixel is a complete business oriented platform that gives you new opportunities to collect, organize and manage your digital assets.

Our premium features will increase the effectiveness of the platform and give you additional project opportunities

To learn more about our premium features, follow this link.

Web Based Software

  • Work in browser

    HTML5 compatible and works with IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox

  • Manage Data & Files

    Support Images, Videos, Pictures, Adobe files (PDF, PSD, EPS, AI)...

  • User friendly (drag & drop)

    Our easy-to-user interface allows quick and easy navigation.

  • Multilingual

    Our Platform uses UTF8 that supports languages. Including Chinese, Hebrew, Russian…

Centralized & Organized

  • Batch upload

    You can upload files and full directories.

  • Tags & Descriptions

    On the platform, feel free to add tags and descriptions to make search and organization easy

  • Batch modification

    You can modify a lot of files at once.

  • Set & organize

    Create albums, folders, and subfolders. Organize your digital assets by category, collections, tags and descriptions

Permissions & Copyrights Management

  • Set Copyrights

    Strong copyright management system to help ensure your files are kept safe from infringement

  • Set licenses

    Set specific licenses for your company when dealing with digital files

  • Set User & Group Access

    Create a user, create groups and manage access to albums and folders.

  • Add Watermark

    Add a customized watermark to protect your files from copyright infringement.

Share and collaboration

  • Add comments

    Collaborate with your team, post a comment on projects for innovation and task completion

  • Create Permalinks

    Create specific URL(s) for your digital assets so that you may share to third-parties.

  • Create collections

    Wikipixel allows you to automatically save your projects for distribution and keep a search history of saved projects.

  • Share by e-mail

    Send digital files to individual or multiple recipients through email

Mobile Apps

  • iPhone

    Works on Apple iPhone 4/4S/5/5s

  • iPad

    Works on Apple iPad 4 and iPad Air

  • Android

    Works on Android mobile devices