The curator can create a digital library of their collection that can be easily searched and administered from any computer with access to the internet. Whether you are responsible for an Art Gallery or a Museum, you will need to expand your digital storage capacity as the demand for digitizing your collection becomes more feasible. We can even help with your video files.

Wikipixel has designed its hosting and administrative tools to give you the flexibility to create your files in an easily searched format.

Our sharing capabilities and large file download capability will enable you to send very large digital files to other Museums or Galleries without a file size limitation problem.

Our mobile capability will enable you to search your digital files, share a file and discuss your collection at any time from anywhere.

Wikipixel’s cloud storage and digital file management product is perfectly configured to meet the storage and file management requirements of even the most meticulous client.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your requirements in more detail. Contact us at: info@wikipixel.com or call us at 800-282-3615.

  • For curator

    For example: So you are having lunch with your museum’s most active patron who tells you that she heard the British Library in London is interested in putting together a temporary collection of art and photographs from the American (USA) western expansion. Since you digitized your museum’s entire collection and created a keyword searchable image database with Wikipixel, you can easily view your entire American West collection on your smartphone in less than a minute.

  • For curator

    Your patron can view the entire collection at lunch and you can send her a permalink for her to view this album at a later date. When the time is right, you can send the permalink to the British Library. They will be able to view your collection at their convenience.