Brand Management Software Made Simple in Multiple Ways

In today’s digital age it is easier to run your business but that also leaves you open to theft. When managing a brand or even multiple brands, it’s important to have a platform that can not only simplify your workflow but can help you keep your work safe from those not willing to do the work themselves.  We can help, by helping you make brand management software simple in multiple ways.

  • Copyrights: With Wikipixel, the copyright management system is already in place so that you can protect your brand. You have less worry over infringement and have a place to do everything together without having to use multiple software programs.
  • Licensing: You can create specific licenses for your business and everything is simplified to make it easier to use so you can focus on your workflow.
  • Users and Group Access: One of the most difficult things about a project is being able to allow others to work on it without sharing the only file. With Wikipixel you can create projects and folders and all multiple users to work on the files they have access to. Whether it’s one other user or certain user groups, everything can be done with ease.
  • Watermarks. One of the easiest ways to help protect your brand is with a watermark. However, there are so many watermarking programs out there and some of the fees are exorbitant. Why not have your watermarking ability within a program where you can perform multiple tasks?

Wikipixel allows you to do so much with your brand and it’s brand management software that keeps tasks simple and effective. You can share your projects, create permalinks, add comments and more and there’s even a cloud hosting program for those that do not want to use their own servers.

To learn more about what we can do to help you and your brand, please Contact Us.