Avoid Cloud Computing Copyright Infringements


With an increase in the use of cloud computing, the level of material protected by copyright is also now a big part of technology.  The legal aspect of protecting copyrighted material in the cloud computing age has provided an extra challenge to those who produce copyrighted material.  This includes everything from movies to texts, photographs as well as computer programs, video games and more.

According to an article in PC Magazine, “The United States Department of Justice put the hammer down, charging (File Sharing Site) owners with online copyright infringement. Seven people and two corporations…were indicted by a New York grand jury and charged with a variety of crimes…in the wake of this news…several file-sharing sites changed their operation methods.”

Cloud Computing Elements

There are three acknowledged parts to cloud computing.  Software as a service (SaaS), which deals with software developed for cloud computing.  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which utilizes a third party’s server space for file storage.  Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud computing platform software developers often use.

SaaS Copyright Issues

One of the copyright issues with SaaS concern a company’s terms of use.  It is a mistake for anyone using software to assume they can automatically make a copy of it.  They could easily be on the wrong side of the copyright law.  This is especially problematic when a company is providing software and does not clearly state under the terms of use in their agreement to not copy software.

IaaS Copyright Issues

Providing clear wording in the terms of use with IaaS is essential for copyright protection.  These terms of use must include details as to the criteria to be met for anyone to download content onto their computers.  There are specific statutes that state when it’s acceptable for an individual to utilize copyright protected files without obtaining consent.  Certain types of material can be used for personal use without copyright infringement but not when used for commercial purposes.  This cannot be done if the work is protected using Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies.

PaaS Copyright Issues

There are fewer copyright issues unique to PaaS cloud computing.  The reason for this is because work created by a developer.  When this is done it’s understood the created work is under copyright for the name of the developer who created it.

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