The company

Everything started a few years ago when a client asked us to develop a secure platform to host his company digital assets for his employees, clients and contractors.

Now, with 70,000 corporate users, Wikipixel has refined their expertise in corporate media asset management to perfection.

Whether you are startup, a marketing agency or a large organization, the Wikipixel cloud platform is the perfect launch pad for a digital media management platform.

Dylan Goubin

With a MBA degree in Management and a 20-year IT experience, Dylan Goubin has created and leaded several french software companies: Neobe (2003) and Drop Cloud (2011). Both companies were sold in 2013 and, today as President, Dylan Goubin is dedicated to the Wikipixel's international development and supervises the two new divisions: RealEstateDB and EvidenceDB

Dylan Goubin-Dahan
Victor de Witt

Victor de Witt

From private banker to investor, Victor de Witt is a digital entrepreneur who has created a vast network that stretches from South Korea to Japan via Europe. Victor de Witt is an active investor in Wikipixel and he also started Recipay: the first crowd-sourcing platform dedicated to branded user generated content.

Christophe Carel

Formerly IT engineer, Christophe Carel co-created and leaded a french telco company, named Nerim, for 12 years. He managed to make 24 millions Euros revenues in 2011 and 3 millions Euros net profit. His shares were sold in april 2012 to a financial investor (Credit Mutuel - CIC LBO Partners). Christophe Carel is an active investor in Wikipixel and he also started a new company (Fast Toys) in Los Angeles which is an exotic and luxury car club.

Christophe Carel