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Our media asset management platform has been designed for you to achieve the efficiencies required to solve your problem. We provide technology solutions for the creator of digital content. Our digital management tools will increase the efficiency of your workflow. Your digital files will no longer be located in disparate locations and you will be able to find any file with a keyword search.

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Wikipixel understands that the faster a project is successfully completed increases your cash flow, enhances your reputation, and makes you more competitive. Therefore, speed is an essential competitive advantage for you and your customers. We have designed our management and creativity enhancing features to give you a competitive edge. Keyword searchable database will shorten the time needed to retrieve files. Our project sharing and commentary feature promotes the distribution of workloads and it will lead to increased brainstorming.

Set copyrights & permissions

The Wikipixel’s Copyrights Manager (WCM) helps content creators (and content providers) manage licenses and usage of their digital content. Because the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material may subject you to civil and criminal liabilities, your organization must be in good standing with copyright laws.

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Wikipixel knows that an effectively managed multimedia creative process is key to the success of your ability to satisfy your customer and reduce the possibility of a creative misfire. Our management tools are designed to facilitate multidiscipline interaction paving the way for efficient resource allocation.

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